Attract your Ideal Client with
holistic business foundations and an appealing visual brand

Hello and Welcome to Verdant Heart’s corner of the internet!

Around here, we believe that the best way to attract your ideal clients is to truly be yourself in your online presence.


That’s why in every relationship, Verdant Heart is guided by 3 core principles: Autonomy, Honesty, and Recognition.


We’re dedicated to helping heart-centered businesses grow with passion and purpose through establishing holistic business foundations and creating an appealing visual brand.

About Abby

Hi!  I’m Abby First, wife, homeschooling mama and initiator and visionary behind Verdant Heart.  I help heart-centered business owners feel more confident in their business.

The reason why I’m passionate about helping you to build a solid business foundation and beautiful branding is because I know how hard it is to figure out what you love to do, and who you’re here to serve. 
In fact, I discovered the world of virtual assisting in late 2017 and launched my 
business while raising a baby and struggling with postpartum depression.

While I knew that I wanted to run my own business and make an impact, I struggled with knowing the what, who, and how… what impact I wanted to make, who I wanted to help, and how I wanted to help them. It took me three years to realize that getting specific with these 3 things really could help me recover from burnout and make the difference that I’d been looking for.

In 2020, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Business, officially launched Verdant Heart into the world, and discovered that I still had more work to do on creating a truly genuine, impactful brand. Throw in another baby, and Covid, and I learned that boundaries truly are a sanity-saver. 

Now, I was a solid DIY-er. I’m smart, and I could figure it out all on my own… right? So I muddled through working with unaligned clients, doing work that I enjoyed but was starting to resent, while trying to figure out how to keep the boundaries that I was trying to establish with myself and my clients (and honestly, my kids and husband, too). 

In 2021, a coach reached out to me about a mastermind to help me develop clarity in my foundations, and through one hella-scary yes (I didn’t know how I’d find the time, or the money… just that I needed what she offered), I found a community that helped me realize what impact I want to make, who I want to help, and how I can help them!

Knowing these essentials helped me go from insecure and vague in my offer to confident in my content and certain that I have a valuable service to provide. I would love to support you in establishing confidence in your brand and offer!


Working Together

Here it is! My what, who, and how:

What impact do I want to make?

I want to create joy in business through courage, clarity, and connection – and yes, I love alliteration!

Who do I want to serve?
Small business owners and personal brands, especially the ladies who are juggling more than just a job while they build their dreams.

How do I want to serve them?

Through working 1:1 to establish the basic business foundations, overcome imposter syndrome and limiting beliefs, and creating beautiful, compelling visual brands to help them show up with confidence and joy in their offer.

If this sounds like you, then let’s work together to help you stand out online and do work you love!

Here’s how:

  • Done-For-You Branding
  • Done-With-You Mentoring + Branding
  • Business Mentoring

Each service is provided 100% remotely with meetings via Zoom, Document sharing via Google, written communication via email, and voice communication via Voxer. Branding is crafted for Canva, but available in other formats as well.


More Than a Logo: Branding

Your brand – especially your personal brand, is much more than just a logo. It’s the fonts, the colors, and the voice that you use to express who you are and how you help to attract your ideal client. It must be true to you, but also attractive to the people that you want to provide services to. With this in mind, my branding package begins with a short questionnaire to help us get clear on what you’re looking for, followed up with a 90 minute intensive to establish a brand vision. After that, I will provide a hand drawn logo, 5 brand colors, 3 brand fonts, and a guide to help you understand how to use each element in your marketing. This option is often best for business owners who already have a firm vision of what they do, who they serve, and where they want their business to go. Click here to view details and pricing.

Thriving in Business: Mentorship

Business, especially in the online sphere, is full of “best-practices” and “super-successful people” who want to sell you their version of achieving their version of success. But your sustainable, successful business isn’t about what someone else does – it’s about finding out what kind of work lights you up, discovering who you love working with, and how that fits into your goals and everyday life. Once you have those in place, you can establish your online presence much more effectively.
This 3-month mentoring package consists of a 1:1 90 minute intensive session, followed by nine 60 minute 1:1 sessions to help you establish your business foundations in areas such as your niche, your offer, pricing, online strategy, and overcoming imposter syndrome.
Click here to view details and pricing.

Embrace Your Essence: Branding + Mentoring

Get the best of both business mentoring and branding worlds by having someone walk you through clarifying your business goals and foundations AND create a beautiful brand at the same time.  This is for you if you’re just starting out, struggling with your niche, or considering a complete pivot! Embrace Your Essence combines a complete custom visual brand kit with a 7 session mentoring package to create a Done-With-You brand that captures the essence of your business to attract your ideal client.
Click here to view details and pricing.


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I release a new blog on branding, business, and life as a mompreneur every two weeks.

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