An Open Letter to my Dream Client

Dear Dream Client,


I don’t know you yet, but I know that you have struggles. We all do, but that’s not to take away from what you, specifically, are struggling with. Rather, I hope you realize that you don’t have to do this crazy life alone. 

I don’t know your dreams, your goals, or your specific industry. I don’t know your family life or your life’s story. But I do know that there are a few things that are crucial in every business. You may not struggle with all of them, but chances are, you’re feeling like you could use some support in at least one area of building your business. My dream is to be able to provide that support and help launch you into living and loving your dream, in a lot less time than it took me!

Ok, ok.That sounds great, and it’s true. BUT. How does it affect you?

Well… I know what it’s like to have a dream and be scared shitless about taking that step to take it public. I also know the stress of being desperate for income, uncertain about the future, and trying to take care of the people relying on you – in my case, a 3

year old and a newborn. I’ve felt the scarcity fears, struggled with the money mindset, and been willing to take ANY client, just to feel like I’m not a failure.
You know what I’ve found?
You’ll get out what you put in. Sure, there’s plenty of money, resources to go around, but you’re only going to see it if you’re bold enough to show up and ask for it.

Making money isn’t enough to be confident with money. If you have a negative or doubtful money story in your brain, you will sabotage sales or make bad investment decisions. Sounds harsh? Maybe. But it shows up time and again!

Taking on just any client is seriously a recipe for burnout. I don’t care how great your systems are, if you don’t like your client, or the work you do for them, you are going to end up burning out and not wanting to continue your business. Saying no to a client when you’re hard up for money is hard, and maybe you need to take it for a limited time… but don’t feel chained to unaligned clients OR work. It is worth it to identify what kind of person you like to work with, and what kind of services you like to provide.

Well, when you love what you do and who you work with, it’s obvious. It spills out into your client circle, but also your normal life. Your family will notice. Your friends will notice. You’ll have more energy to use on the things that YOU want because you won’t be wasting it on stress, worry, or frustration. You’ll sleep better and enjoy life more when you’re taking aligned action with aligned clients and doing the kind of work you love. 

When you’re struggling with the juggle of life – family, running a business, housework, self-care, maybe even having friends! – your business shouldn’t be an extra stress. The way to find joy in your work is to do work you love with and for people you love. The best way to find work and people you love? Take bold action. Be willing to be scared, and do it anyways. 

The best way to take bold action…? Find someone to listen to you, to believe in you when you don’t believe in yourself, and to cheer you on.

My goal in this space is to help heart-centered business owners – those in the online space who care about work that lights them up, makes a positive impact, and is personally sustainable – ditch the stress of online business by establishing clear foundations and feel confident in their offers through establishing a strong brand.

I believe in you.

with Passion & Purpose,


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